Christ is all these Things

“Jesus said unto them, Verily. verily l say unto you, Before Abraham was born, I Am.” John 8:58

The Gospel of John is the most profound of all the Gospels, as well as being the last written. In it we are shown what is God’s estimate of Christ. So we are made to understand that it is not a matter of God requiring a lamb, giving his people bread, or providing us with a way. Nor even that Christ can use his power to restore a dead man’s life or a blind man’s sight. In the whole of this Gospel we are confronted with one monumental fact, which is that Christ is all these things.

He did not say that he is able to give people light, but rather that he himself is the Light of the world. He did not only promise us the bread of life, but assured us that he himself is the bread of life. He did not just say that he would guide us in the way, but insisted that he himself is the Way. In Christianity Christ is everything. What he gives is his very own Self.

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