The Results of Salvation

“If I have wrongfully exacted aught of any man, I restore fourfold.” Luke 19:8

Zacchaeus sets us a good example. The power of the Lord was so greatly upon him that he was willing to restore fourfold all that he had gained by cheating. The principle in Leviticus was to add one fifth part only to the whole, but he was moved to do so much more.

His fourfold insurance was not a condition for becoming a son of Abraham, nor was it a requirement for receiving the salvation of God. It was, however, the result of his being a son of Abraham and the result of having salvation come to his house. Moreover, by making restoration fourfold he effectively sealed the mouth of the critics of Jesus’ actions in visiting him. His act played no part in securing his forgiveness by God. It did, however, have a definite bearing on his testimony before men.

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