The Time to Work is Now

“Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh the harvest?” John 4:35

The disciples were prepared to wait four months before tackling the task, but our Lord told them in effect that the time to work is now, not at some future date. “Lift up your eyes and look. . .” he said, indicating the kind of workmen he needed: that is, those who do not stand waiting for the work to come to them, but have eyes to see the work that is already waiting to be done.

Have you ever come across any “Go slow” workmen? They take in hand to do a piece of work, but they linger over it and drag it on and on as long as they can preserve any semblance of industry, for they are not seriously bent on working, but are really killing time. How unlike this was the Lord Jesus! “My Father worketh even until now,” he declared, “and I work.”

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