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We are Called to be A Ministry That reveals God’s Divine Eternal Plan, Purpose & Will, And We Serve It, Become It Until We Dispense It Into The Body Of Christ-The Church In Our Own Generation

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Grace & God's Choosing Pt1
Grace & God's Choosing Pt2
Spiritual Blessings In Christ Episode 01
God As Our inheritance
Christ Heading Up as Another blessing
The Spirit's Sealing & Pledging

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Our Burden is to help believers Experience Christ (as the Word, life, light, grace, and Truth (John 1:1, 4, 9, 14). The Word is God expressed, life is God imparted, light is God shining, grace is God enjoyed, and Truth is God realized.)

Dispensing the All-Inclusive Christ to believers for their experience (Involvement and enjoyment. This is the Divine Economy of God.

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God has Called us;

to present the truths contained in the New Testament, to minister the life supply, to solve the common and hard problems found in the New Testament, and to open up every book of the New Testament by giving a thorough interpretation of it in the way of life and Experience.

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We Have Our Local Classes Every Tuesday at the Church Premises. We Also Handle Online Classes on our bible School. All recent Talk Shows are Posted Here please Check Back.

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