Experiencing Christ

A Life That Is Free From The Power Of Sin

Romans 6:14 For sin will not lord it over you, for you are not under the law but under grace. 

Thank and praise the Lord, sin will not lord it over us! Thank and praise Him that victory is not only the experience of some special Christians, but of ordinary Christians. Thank and praise Him that every Christian is under grace. When I was first saved, I saw this verse and treasured it very much. I realized that I had experienced many victories and had overcome many sins. I realized that God had graced me. But there was still one sin which lorded it over me. In fact, a few sins always came back to visit me.

It seems that sin purposely tries to meet us. We are always running into it; it seems that it is constantly following us. Temper seems to follow some all the time. Pride and jealousy seem to follow others all the time. Laziness seems to follow one, and lies seem to follow another. One finds himself always having an unforgiving spirit while another is plagued continually by base desires or selfishness… Everyone seems to have at least one sin which follows him all the time.

I had a few sins which continually plagued me. I had to admit that sin lorded it over me! God says that sin will not lord it over me, but I had to confess that something was wrong with me. I had to admit that the mistake was in me and not in God’s Word. If we are living a defeated life, we should know that this is not what God ordained for us. We have to know that it is not God’s intention for sin to lord it over us. His Word says that sin will not lord it over us!

Prayer Confession Loving Father I thank and praise your name for this wonderful word. Thank you for the victories you give us every day through your grace and Lord we ask for more grace of living out this victorious life in Jesus’ name, Amen

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