The Real Trouble Being the Luck of Roots

“When the sun was risen, they were scorched; and because they had no root, they withered away.” Matthew 13:6

The real trouble was not the sun, but the lack of roots. In the spiritual life roots represent that part of the life which has a secret history with the Lord. Those who live their lives only before men lack that secret history. May I ask you a straight question? What proportion of your life is lived in secret? Is any of it hidden from the eyes of man? Is your prayer-life limited to the prayers you utter in prayer meetings? Is your knowledge of the Word of God limited to what you preach? Are all your intimate spiritual experiences shared with other people? If so, then you lack roots.

It is those Christians who have a history with God in the secret place who triumphantly survive the fiery trials of the way. If one day we are faced with the option of renouncing our faith or losing our lives, which will we choose? It is not in that day that the issue will be settled; it is now. If in that day we fail him, it will be because we have not sent down our roots deep enough today.

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