Staying in the Mainstream Of His Purpose

“Behold, waters issued out from under the threshold of the house eastward.” Ezekiel 47:1

The question is not whether the flow of the Spirit will flow on in our generation, but whether you and I will be caught up into that wave. We have a glorious heritage from the past, but we also have the solemn responsibility of passing it on. lf we fail to fill our role in God’s purpose for this present time. he will seek out others to do so. The fruit of the past has been possible because men of God stayed in the mainstream of his purpose.

Now it is we who have the privilege of offering ourselves to him that he may speed a little further on his course. If he can drive a way for himself through our lives, then that will be our greatest glory. If not, he will still go on, but will have to turn in some other direction, and we shall have the tragic experience of being bypassed, it is not merely the proclamation of God ‘s truth that is needed today; it is the release in human lives of the risen Christ to whom that truth points. This happens only as we ourselves are caught up in the Spirit’s on-flowing tide.

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