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Praying Together in One Accord

Matt. 18:19  Again, truly I say to you that if two of you are in harmony on earth concerning any matter for which they ask, it will be done for them from My Father who is in the heavens.
Acts 1:14  These all continued steadfastly with one accord in prayer…

We have to note the difference between personal prayers and prayers in the prayer meeting. When we are praying by ourselves, we only have to take care of our personal burden.
But in the prayer meeting, we have to take care of the burden of the meeting, and we must not care for our personal burden alone. Therefore, in the prayer meeting, we have to learn to sense the feeling of the meeting. Some matters only require one prayer; there is no need to pray anymore for them because
the meeting has no more burden for it. But some matters require more than one prayer; they need to be prayed about over and over again. If a burden is not released, we should not pray for another matter. We can only change the subject when the burden is released. Only then can we pick up another
burden from the Lord to pray.

In the prayer meeting, we have to learn that when one prays for a matter, the second, third, fourth, and fifth person should also pray for the same matter. Even if one person can pray by himself or five persons can pray by themselves, when they come together, they may not be able to pray in one accord. The prayer of one accord is something that one learns. One person may know how to pray by himself, and five persons may know how to pray by themselves. But when they come together, they still need to learn a new kind of prayer; they need to learn to pray in one accord. Our prayer in the meeting is something that is learned; it is not something that we know how to do right from the beginning.

If two persons pray in one accord, God will answer this prayer (Matt. 18:19). This is not a small thing. We have to enter into others’ feelings and know what the prayer of the church is. We have to learn to feel whether or not a prayer burden has been released. If we do this, we will know how to fulfill the ministry of prayer in the meeting.

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