Let yourself be carried to the building site

“Ye also, as living stones, are built up a spiritual house.” 1 Peter 2:5

Solomon’s Temple was built of quarried and trimmed stones, each stone in its place but every one lifeless. Today God’s house is made up, not of dead, but of living stones. Peter, who wrote these words, was a living stone, a single unit, before he was built together with the others. Many remain thus, scattered here and there, independent, useless. But if a house is to be constructed they must be gathered, and stone must be built on stone and fitted to other stones.

Thank God you are his! You have trusted in the Lord Jesus, and now you are God’s living stone. Don‘t, then, just hide out there alone in the bushes to become a cause of stumbling to the imprudent! Let yourself be carried to the building site. Allow yourself to be matched up with other living stones, fashioned to fit into your place. The trimming may be uncomfortable, but in the end God will have a dwelling-place.

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