Experiencing Christ

Hungering and Thirsting for Righteousness

Matt 5:6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.
Psalms 42:1 As the hart pants After the streams of water, So my soul pants For You, O God.  (2) My soul thirsts for God, For the living God…

If we hunger and thirst for righteousness, God will grant us to be satisfied with the very righteousness we seek. Righteousness is to be right not only with God, but also with man. Our righteousness must not be according to the old law, but according to the new law. As we shall see, the new law is much higher than the old. The old law says, “You shall not murder.” But the new law says, “Everyone who is angry with his brother shall be liable to the judgment” [Matthew 5:22]. We must take care not only of not murdering, but even of not being angry with our brother. This righteousness is on the highest plane.

Our natural life is not able to attain this righteousness. This inward subjective righteousness must be Christ. Only Christ can fulfill the requirements of the new law. When I read Matthew 5 as a young man, I was disappointed and said, “I simply can’t make it. I’ll just have to quit.” But the more I have grown, the more I have come to realize that I can make it because I have a life within me that can do it. The King with His kingdom within me can make it. However, this King needs our cooperation. We cooperate by being hungry and thirsty. We cooperate by saying, “O Lord Jesus, I hunger and thirst after You. Lord, I want to be filled with You.” If you hunger and thirst in this way, you will be satisfied.

The righteousness in verse 6 is simply Christ. It is the surpassing righteousness, the righteousness on the highest plane, that can only be attained by Christ. Because He is the One who produces this highest righteousness, we must seek after Him.

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