Experiencing Christ

Having Access to Our Father

Eph 2:17 And coming, He announced peace as the gospel to you who were far off [Gentiles], and peace to those who were near [Jews], (18) For through Him we both have access in one Spirit unto the Father.

This access in one Spirit is unto the Father. Positionally we were reconciled to God; experientially we have access unto the Father. To be reconciled to God is to be saved; to have access unto the Father is to enjoy God, who, as the source of life, has regenerated us to be His sons.

In the one Body we have been reconciled to God through the cross. This is a fact. Now we may have access unto the Father and contact Him directly. This is an experience. We have been reconciled to God positionally for salvation, and we have access unto the Father experientially for enjoyment. It is significant that these verses do not say that we are reconciled to the Father and have access to God. No, having been reconciled to God once for all, we now have access to the Father for a continual enjoyment.

In verse 18 the Trinity of the Godhead is implied. Through God the Son who is the Accomplisher, the means, and in God the Spirit who is the Executor, the application, we have access to God the Father who is the Originator, the source of our enjoyment.

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