Christianity is Christ—not Christ plus

“And a voice came out of the cloud, saying, This is my Son, my chosen: hear ye him” Luke 9:35

Christ is unique. Any comparison with him is disrespectful. Peter was so thrilled to see Moses and Elijah alongside his Lord that he proposed to make for them three tabernacles. But the divine voice effectively silenced him. Moses and Elijah were not to be counted on the same plane as Christ. Peter, of course, would doubtless have given Christ priority, relegating Moses and Elijah to second place and third; but God rejected the idea that even a Moses or an Elijah, however prominent under the Old Covenant, should have authority in the New. Here “Christ is all and in all.” Christianity is Christ—not Christ plus.

In effect God said, “This is no time for you to be talking; it is a time for you to be listening. Anything you or anyone else has to say is totally irrelevant. There is only One who is qualified to speak here! God’s word today is not “Hear ye them,” but “Hear ye him.”

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