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Abolishing the Commandments in Ordinances (2)

Eph 4:22 That you put off, as regards your former manner of life, the old man, which is being corrupted…
Col 3:10 And have put on the new man… (11) Where there cannot be Greek and Jew, circumcision and uncircumcision, barbarian, Scythian, slave, freeman, but Christ is all and in all.

Although we may like certain practices, we should not insist on them. If we insist on a particular practice, we make it an ordinance that separates and creates enmity. Christians have been divided by ordinances, such as the various ordinances concerning baptism. Some insist upon baptizing backwards; others insist on doing it forwards. Some Christians are divided over the use of musical instruments. Some permit a piano, but not an organ; the practice of others, however, is the opposite… Although I appreciate shouting and loud praises in the meetings, others are not for these things. To insist on any practice is to cause division. Hence, we must not have any ordinances. On the cross of Christ all ordinances were abolished.
 It is possible for ordinances to become a cause of hatred even among those who have been close to one another. Two brothers may have enjoyed pleasant fellowship for a number of years, but simply because one is for shouting and the other is for being silent, there may be enmity between them. Instead of loving each other, they may come to hate each other. Religious jealousy is a terrible thing. History tells us that many have been slain because of it through the subtlety of Satan, the murderer. Therefore, we must reject all ordinances and go along with the practices of the saints [believers], as long as these practices do not involve anything sinful, immoral, or idolatrous….

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