Experiencing Christ

A Living That Is Righteous, Pure and Lovely

Phil. 4:8  Finally, brothers, what things are true, what things are dignified, what things are righteous, what things are pure, what things are lovely, what things are well spoken of, if there is any virtue and if any praise, take account of these things.

In verse 8 Paul also speaks of “whatever is righteous.” This refers to what is right (not just) before God and man. Doing what is right is another governing aspect related to the living of Christ. The word pure in the expression “whatever is pure” means single in intention and action, without any mixture. To be pure in this way is to have no pretense. Purity is also a governing aspect of the life that lives Christ.

Yet another governing aspect of such a life is “whatever is lovely.” The word “lovely” means lovable, agreeable, endearing. Next Paul goes on to mention “whatever is well- spoken of.” This means whatever is of good repute, renowned, attractive, winning, and gracious. The Greek word means sounding well.

In verse 8 Paul does not mention kindness, patience, or holiness. Instead, he mentions six items which are governing aspects of a life that lives Christ. If we live Christ, we shall surely have a life that is an expression of all these aspects. In our living there will be no falsehood, looseness, or lightness. Instead, our living will be honorable, pure, right, lovely, and well-spoken of. Of the many, many Christian virtues, Paul selected these six as governing aspects.

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