Under Grace, Not Law

Rom 6:14  Remember this: sin will not conquer you, for God already has! You are not governed by law but governed by the reign of the grace of God. 

Sin dominates everyone’s life, unless they are learning of God’s remedy. Grace is our only hope that sin will no longer dominate our lives. Furthermore, grace is a sufficient hope that sin need not exercise a dominating influence over us.
Before we came to faith in Jesus Christ, we were fully under the dominion of sin. We were condemned before God because of our sin. Others may not have been aware of our truly sinful condition. Still, we were so controlled by sin that God called us “slaves of sin” (Rom_6:6).
The law brought us no hope of escape. In fact, the law condemned us (Rom_3:19). We could never have found freedom from sin’s condemnation by attempting to perform better under the law of God, for “by the works of the law no flesh shall be justified” (Gal_2:16).
On the other hand, the grace of God is our fully effective hope. There is forgiveness of sins by His grace (Eph_1:7). There is justification through faith by the grace of God (Gal_2:16). There is growth in spiritual life by the grace of God (2Pe_3:18). None of these heavenly blessings become ours from attempting by our ability to live up to the law standards of Almighty God.
Our relationship with the Lord is based upon grace, not upon law. We began a walk with the Lord by His grace at work for us. We continue to walk with Him by His grace at work in our lives.

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