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The Poor in Spirit Being Blessed (2)

Matt 5:3 Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of the heavens.
2 Tim 4:22 The Lord be with your spirit. Grace be with you.

[Part 2 of 2]
Please pay careful attention to the tense of the predicate in verse 3. It is not future tense, but present tense. This verse does not say, “Theirs will be the kingdom of the heavens”; it says, “Theirs is the kingdom of the heavens.” When you open from the depths of your being, that is, from your spirit, and unload yourself and empty your spirit, the King as the life- giving Spirit will enter in through the gateway of your repentant mind and come into your spirit to be your King with the kingdom. From then on, the kingdom is within you, and the kingdom of the heavens is yours.

When you received the Lord Jesus, did you realize that a kind of ruling had come into you? This ruling is the reigning of the kingdom. We have not only the Savior and the life, but also the King. This King exercises His authority from within our spirit. Even if you were just saved today, you already have this kingdom within you. The One within us is our Savior, our life, and our King with the kingdom. How rich and how high He is! Because we have received Him into our spirit ours is the kingdom of the heavens. The kingdom is ours, and the kingdom is in our spirit. We are truly blessed and happy. Blessed and happy are the poor in spirit, for ours is the kingdom of the heavens.

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