Experiencing Christ

The King’s Ruling

Col 1:13 Who delivered us out of the authority of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of the Son of His love. 
Eph 5:5 For this you realize, knowing that every fornicator or unclean person or greedy person (who is an idolater) has no inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.

Hallelujah, we are in the kingdom of the heavens! We have a King and we are under His rule. Many times the ruling of the King within us makes it unnecessary for us to be ruled by the policemen or by the law court. This inward King can put the attorneys out of a job. However, those who have not repented and come back to God are not under the King. Instead, they
constantly violate the law. For this reason, a great many are summoned to the law court. But we, the kingdom people, are under the King of the kingdom of the heavens.

This King has come into our being. At this very moment He is dwelling in our spirit. When He speaks to us, He mainly says one word–“no.” According to my experience, His favorite word is “no.” We have a ruling “no” within us. Thank the Lord for this little word, for it saves us from a great deal of trouble. The speaking of the inward “no” is the ruling of the King within. Perhaps today you have heard the King’s “no” a number of times. If the kingdom people do not care for this “no,” they will become backsliders. Because we are in the kingdom of the heavens, the King rules us mostly by speaking the word “no.”

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