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Freedom Streams

Rivers of Living Water Flow from the Spirit as you Listen to these wonderful Freedom Streams devotionals. these Teachings are extracted from the wide teachings concerning Experiencing Christ

Christ's New Testament

We shall begin to cover Christ’s person, and in later messages we shall cover Christ’s attributes, virtues, and work. As we shall see, concerning Christ’s person there are a great many aspects.

God's New Testament

The New Testament is related to the Old Testament. This relationship is indicated by a portion of Hebrews 10:7: “In the roll of the book it is written concerning Me.”

Spiritual Experiences

A Lot of Spiritual Lessons Can be Learnt from the Life and Experiences of the Men of Old Testament times which things experiences can be applied to us in the Church Age.

Freedom Church Sermons

Listen to All our Previous Church Interpreted Sermons. all our weekly and Sunday Services all in one place.

Prophetic Moment

Listen to the Prophetic Moment with Prophetess Agatha Matovu, Learn the Mysteries of the Prophetic office.

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