Experiencing Christ

Not Testing God

Matt 4:5 Then the devil took Him into the holy city and set Him on the wing of the temple, (6) And said to Him, If You are the Son of God, cast Yourself down… (7) Jesus said to him, Again, it is written, “You shall not test the Lord your God.”

According to the human concept, any religion that does not have miracles is powerless; the most powerful religion is a religion of miracles. Therefore, Satan brought the new King to the wing of the temple and tempted Him to leap down from it by saying that the angels would protect Him. Do not think that you have never had the thought of doing this kind of thing. In my early days I often thought of doing things to show people that I was a supernatural person and that I had supernatural powers. Have you not had this kind of concept in your
Christian life?

Some may say, “Since I am one following the Lord and I am in the Lord’s presence as my Emmanuel, I must do something to show others that God is with me.” I know of one dear brother who had such a thought. Convinced that the Lord was with him, he asked the Lord to give him two hundred thousand dollars within a certain number of days. He said, “Lord, You must show the people that You are one with me. You must show them that whatever I ask in Your name, You give me. Lord, I am asking You for two hundred thousand dollars. Within a certain number of days, You must give it to me.” This brother stopped eating and sleeping and began to pray for this amount of money. What kind of prayer was that? It was leaping from the wing of the temple to make a show of himself. In principle we have all done this many times. Every Christian has been tempted in this way.

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