For God, The Father Has Already Given You All Blessings In Christ Jesus

Forever, O Jehovah, thy word is settled in heaven. Psalm 119.89.

Suppose my father bought some land and gave me the deed to it. He tells me to go and manage this estate. So I go to the village where the land is. I meet a vagabond who asks why I am coming there. “I have come to find my father’s land,” I reply. “This is not your father’s land; it is my father’s land,” the vagabond protests. Now if I at that moment were to doubt my father’s word, I probably would return home. But if I say, “No, no, my father has made no mistake; for according to this title deed in my hand, this land is ours,” the vagabond would have to go away. Hence, it is either he or I who must go.

Now with us, it is the same way. For God the Father has already given you all blessings in Christ Jesus. And the Bible is the title deed which the Father gives you. If you believe what is written in the Bible, Satan will have to go.

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