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Eating and Drinking the Lord Being the New Covenant

Luke 22:19  And He took a loaf and gave thanks, and He broke it and gave it to them, saying, This is My body which is being given for you; do this in remembrance of Me.  (20)  And similarly the cup after they had dined, saying, This cup is the new covenant established in My blood, which is being poured out for you

God made a covenant with redeemed Israel in Exodus 24:3-8, which became the old testament, as a base for Him to deal with His redeemed people in the dispensation of law. The Man- Savior came to accomplish God’s eternal redemption for God’s chosen people by His death, according to God’s will (Heb.10:7, 9-10), and with His blood instituted a new covenant, a better covenant (Heb. 8:6-13), which became the new testament after His resurrection (Heb. 9:16-17), as a base for God to be one with His redeemed and regenerated people in the dispensation of grace. This new covenant replaced the old covenant and simultaneously changed God’s old dispensation to His new dispensation. The Man-Savior wanted His disciples to know this and live a life based on it and according to it after His resurrection.

This new practice of the New Testament is to remember the Man-Savior by eating the bread, which signifies His body given for His believers (1 Cor. 11:24), and drinking the cup, which signifies His blood shed for their sins (Matt. 26:28). The bread denotes life (John 6:35), the life of God, the eternal life, and the cup denotes blessing (1 Cor. 10:16), which is God Himself as their portion (Psa. 16:5). As sinners, their portion should have been the cup of God’s wrath (Rev. 14:10). But the Man-Savior drank that cup for them (John 18:11), and His salvation has become their portion, the cup of salvation (Psa. 116:13) that runs over (Psa. 23:5), the content of which is God as their all- inclusive blessing. Such bread and such a cup are the constituents of the Man-Savior’s supper, which is a table (1 Cor. 10:21), a feast, set up by Him so that His believers may remember Him by enjoying Him as such a feast. Thus they testify of His rich and marvelous salvation to the entire universe and display His redeeming and life-imparting death (1 Cor. 11:26).

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